I love what I do

Building brand for people.

Cédric Léonard, BA in visual arts from St. Luc Art School, freelance visual designer with Aidystudio since 2013, created visual interfaces for client such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, or Universal Motion pictures, among others during while working at Ifood Communication and Marketing.

My Services

Branding & Identity
Visual Composition
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Content Management

My Approach

We at Aidystudio love to help starter companies to have a strong visual identity for their brand. We provide support for/take on any type of design project, be it with strict constraints or unlimited creativity. Aidystudio is always looking for originality and creating modern and appealing visuals.

Here Aidystudio presents you some of our projects but also gives you the possibility to accompany the process behind.

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